29th Annual Economic State of the Region
Jan 09, 2018
Professor James V. Koch
29th Annual Economic State of the Region

Dr. Jim Koch is back to talk about our region's economic state--this will be his 29th annual presentation for our club!  

James V. Koch was recruited from the University of Montana to become Old Dominion's sixth president. During his tenure at the University of Montana he was cited for his success in bringing several international programs to the university and for his success in dealing with the state legislature.

Under Dr. Koch's leadership, Old Dominion's first capital campaign exceeded its goal netting over $50 million in contributions. During Dr. Koch's tenure, Old Dominion's annual contracts, grants, and strategic alliances with regional organizations grew. Between these regional and other efforts, Old Dominion University created more jobs than any other school in the state, and added millions of dollars to the Hampton Roads economy.

Included on President Koch's list of accomplishments that made him most proud are: improvements in the appearance of the campus, the development of The Village, starting the TELETECHNET distance learning program, and increasing diversity on campus.

After leaving the presidency, Dr. Koch took a year sabbatical and returned to Old Dominion in 2002 to teach Economics.