Charles Woodard (pictured above) was a long-time Rotary Club of Norfolk member. He arranged for a generous bequest to the Norfolk Rotary Charities endowment that  benefits the Rotary Club of Norfolk. It was given as an estate gift in 2009 from Frances Woodard of Franklin in the name of her late husband.

Since 2009 any Norfolk Rotary Charities donor who gives $1,000 or more over time to the endowment is honored as a Charles Woodard Fellow. Donations can be made by writing a check to Norfolk Rotary Charities and mailing to the Rotary Club of Norfolk at 414 Bute Street, Norfolk, VA 23510. On the memo line, please notate it is for the Endowment. Payments can be made by debit card or directly from a linked checking account by Venmo without charge. Venmo also offers payment by credit card. There is a 3% surcharge to cover the credit card cost for this option. Just click on this link. This will take you to Venmo's sign up page. The payment should be directed to @NorfolkRotary-Charities.  Recurring payments can be made by contacting Norfolk Rotary office (

Charles Woodard Fellows are:
The founders of Norfolk Rotary Endowment are:
  • Charles V. Bashara 
  • Philip S. Farrand
  • J. Walter Grandy III*
  • George B. Haycox
  • Lewis D. Hirschler
  • Thomas H. Kerwin
  • Robert M. Latimer
  • Harry E. McCoy Jr.
  • Parker J. New
  • Raymond J. Norton
  • Robert H. Powell III
  • Mark B. Shaw
  • Lewis H. Shulman
  • Grover Lee White
  • Charles T. Woodard
Subsequent Charles Woodard Fellows
  • Anonymous
  • Ann Baldwin
  • Teddy Baker Estate *
  • Bernard Cohen
  • Margaret Collins
  • Jane Dembert
  • Susan Donn
  • Adam Folek
  • Cy Grandy
  • Sally Kirby Hartman
  • Joel Heaton
  • Dr. Stephen Jones
  • Julie Keesling
  • Kay Kemper
  • Lois Kercher
  • Angela Kerns
  • Will King
  • John Lynn
  • John McLemore
  • J. Shepherd Miller III *
  • Joe New
  • Ray Norton
  • Jim O'Brien
  • John D. Padgett
  • Marty Raiss
  • Joey Rothgery
  • Lindsey Russell *
  • Nancy Spainhour Trust *
  • Chuck Spence
  • Hil Strode *
  • Gus Stuhlreyer
  • Pamela Tubbs
  • Fred Walker
  • Carlisle Wroton *

*Denotes top givers