The World comes together through Student Fellowship
A ray of hope was exhibited at Rotary with the student presentation of their exchange trip to Teil at the September 20th meeting. Pictures are worth a thousand words and the PowerPoint was enhanced by a narrative presented by the four students.
Eleanor Wallach, Vivian Bockheim, Seth Holmes, and Noel Searing made a great impression on the families and communities they visited.  The sites and people they touched are different today.  The four students convinced this writer that they have a new appreciation of historical culture and the needed connections and imagination required to grow and excel in this world.
You could feel the pride in the room coming from parents, other relatives, and club members that we were well represented by these four fantastic students. Vivian, Seth, Noel, and Eleanor were clearly changed and proud to represent their family, Club, and community.
Expressions of support for the exchange program were expressed throughout the room after the presentation by members of the Club who were involved over the years with the Teil exchange.  Let’s keep imagining a new world through cultural and student exchanges.