Posted by David Brandt on Oct 06, 2017
Sally Hartman with cartoonist Kim Warp (r)
The Program
Rotarian of the Day Sally Hartman introduced our guest, Kim Warp, a cartoonist whose works are often found within the real pages and web pages of the New Yorker. Kim moved to Virginia Beach in 2004 and describes herself as someone who tries to draw something funny which will, on occasion – and usually by accident – reflect somewhat on popular culture and the politics of the nation.
Kim says her preference is to draw cartoons about family life, often her own. She says the more personal she gets, the more people seem to like it, adding that her children do not always appreciate being the subject of her musings. One of her favorite topics is helicopter parenting. For that reason – and to keep peace within the family – she will often make the main character a guy if it’s really about her daughter.
Until recently, Kim’s cartoons were featured exclusively in print. Now, she submits daily sketches for online content. Every morning, she begins by roughing out 10 ideas which she submits electronically to her editors in New York. If they like one, she’s given the green light to flush it out and submit the completed work later in the day. Now that she has to come up with daily ideas, she finds herself becoming more topical, gravitating to politics. She says if she gives her editors a choice between one cartoon with Trump, and one without, they always choose Trump.
The Meeting
Standing in for President Gary, President-elect Pam Tubbs pulled double duty, calling the meeting to order, then playing piano, with Julie Keesling offering the invocation. Bill Gough delivered the visitation report, reminding everyone to keep Bob Ash, Jean Owens, and George Nottingham in their thoughts and prayers. Following a severe rafting injury, Bob was in the process of being transferred back to Norfolk from his hospital in West Virginia. Jean continues to recover from hip surgery and is currently living with her daughter in Lynchburg. Members also signed a card of sympathy to George who recently lost his mother.
October birthday wishes were extended through song to Jerome Adamson, Skip Burton, Bill Davis, Bob Heely, John Lynn, Alan Nelson, Lisa Sands, Steve Schultz, Gus Stuhlreyer, Bruce Wilcox, and Carlisle Wroton.
Pam Tubbs took a moment to give Sigur Whitaker some well-deserved praise for the “audaciously fantastic” job she did pulling off the District 7600 Convention in Norfolk. And Kelly Stefanko extended her thanks to those who turned out to help with the Crepe Myrtle pruning.
Finally, we had four guests. Marilyn Gowen brought Althea King, Steve Shultz was accompanied by Liz Moore, and Bill Gresham had two guests, Dick Gresham and Caleb Cooper, who was visiting for a second time.
Happy Bucks:
  • Sigur Whitaker thanked all the people who helped her at the District 7600 Convention.
  • Sharon Laderberg encouraged members to attend the upcoming Kiwanis Harbor Party, and support Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure.
  • Will King thanked the club for its support of the Horizons Summer Enrichment program.
  • Steve Shultz announced that the ODU Rotaract Club is in the process of being revived, and recently met to elect chapter officers.
  • Chuck Spence offered up three “Mr. Jefferson’s” for UVA Football’s three wins
  • Michael Desplaines, for the recent Norfolk Botanical Garden trip to France, and his subsequent vacation.
Sigur Whitaker drew the winning ticket from the drawing, but not the winning card, so the pot continues to grow.