District 7600 is hosting a Day of Giving on Tuesday, April 6. It is an easy way to either achieve your first Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) or for your next PHF level. Our club has been very generous on past days of giving, in fact, for the past two years, our club has been in the top three clubs worldwide on the December Rotary Foundation Day of Giving in December.  Here are the particulars:
  • Online giving to the Annual Fund through MyRotary.
  • Minimum contribution of $100
  • The District will match one point for each dollar contributed.
  • Matches do not apply for those members who are PHF + 8.
  • Set up your online account at least a week before. Go to www.rotary.org. On the right hand side there is a link "for members" which will take you to another tab to "register"  for an account. I you need help, please contact Sigur Whitaker. To give, you will sign into rotary.org and then go to the "Donate" tab. (this will give you and our club credit for the donation).
The District has a goal of raising $100,000 on April 6. Last year the District raised $70,000. If the District raises $100,000 then District Foundation Chair Stephen Beer will shave his head at the August Foundation meeting. Additionally, if our club is the highest in either per capita giving or the highest percentage of members giving, I will be given 500 points. Since I am already a PHF +8, I will distribute these points to the club members who contribute on that day.
It is easy to support The Rotary Foundation and the good works it does throughout the world and Hampton Roads. Additionally, The Rotary Foundation has been recognized by Charity Navigator as among the top five charitable organizations throughout the world.