Our fair Vice President in charge of programs is Jeff Wells, and our Rotarian of the Day is Sally Hartman. Having served on approximately 15 different committees, Past President Sally was uniquely positioned to emcee our discussion of the committee system of our Rotary club.
There are 25 committees to help run our Rotary Club of Norfolk. Many were defunct this past year due to that pandemic thing, but two shout-outs were given to Walt Sobcyzk (community service), and Joe Massey (visitation) for their extremely amazing chairpersonship this past year.
  • President-Elect (Laurie Harrison)
  • Vice President for Programs (Jeff Wells)
  • Secretary/Treasurer (Barb Lipskis)
  • Administration Committee (John Cameron)
  • Fellowship (Michelle Nettles)
  • Public Image (Diane Wallach)
  • Membership (Brian McGuire)
  • Fundraising (Chris Bugg)
  • Community and International Service (Dave Duncan)
  • Vocational (Bob Ash)
Chairpersons are needed for committees under each Executive and Director role. Please sign up by reaching out to the respected leads for the committee you wish to serve with.
The Meeting
President Desplaines - resplendent in plaid - rang the meeting to order promptly at 12:30ish. Music masters John Cameron and Chip Vogan led the lunch attendees in a rousing rendition of “R-O-T-A-R-Y” and “Grand Ole Flag”. 
Chip Vogan made an encore with an inspirational invocation. There was no official visitation report this week, though, this lowly scribe would like to relay her chance encounter at the local Food Lion with Will King. He was chipper as always, though moving a bit slower than usual.
Our sole guest today was the woman who survived rearing a young Michael Desplaines, Lise Desplaines. Her strength and patience were applauded.
The next meeting will most likely be at the Scope - please read your emails to stay apprised. Our speaker will be Brandy Eggeman discussing Search and Rescue Dogs. 
**Just a quick reminder - the entire membership will be voting on where to hold our weekly meetings. Gus will make a presentation of the dollar and cents comparison beforehand. The contenders are the Scope, Town Point Club, and the Norfolk Yacht Club. **
Club Business
  • Club committee sign up Pick your favorite, then your second favorite, and maybe even your third favorite area of interest in Rotary, contact the chair of the committee in these areas and GET INVOLVED!
  • Pop-up social - Wed, 7/21. 5-7 pm at Crackers restaurant on Granby St by the base of the bridge. Drink a martini and then crack up your fellow Rotarians with a joke.
  • Board Meeting - Tues, 7/27 noon at administration offices of the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Please RSVP to President Michael, and he just might forage in the gardens for some lunch.
  • Food Distribution at St Mary’s Basilica - Thurs, 7/28 8 am-11:30 am. Other Rotarians have raved of this service project.
  • Polio Plus Baseball Game - Sun, 8/29 4:05 pm. Ticket information will be forthcoming (and as an aside, it is Bark in the Park day also, so you can bring your pooch for a $5 donation to an animal charity)
Fines/Happy Bucks 
  • President Michael began the donations for the lack of a Rotary pin, followed by Eleanor Schoonover, Lauren LaBonte, and John Padgett.
  • Jim Kitz outed Dr. Marcia Conston for a fine letter to the editor in the paper.
  • Major Donald Dohmann gave happy bucks for his family member’s end of 8 months of chemo treatment.
  • Chip Vogan gave happy bucks for his trio’s upcoming performance in person at the Goode Theater on Aug 7th at 7:30 pm. 
Pop quiz - the # 1 requested committee to join our club? -Greeter!