Giving Tuesday is just around the corner on Tuesday, April 4.  For those working to become a Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) or working to get to the next level of giving up to PHF + 7, District 7600 will match your donation to the Annual Share Fund between $100 and $500 with points.  All donations must be online through MyRotary. Donations made by PHF + 8, while appreciated, will not be matched. It is an easy way to earn your first PHF or obtain the next level. 
The donations minus expenses given to the Annual Share Fund will come back to the District in three years. The funds are then split between District Grants and International Grants. Our club has received a District Grant on many occasions and helped us to fund projects such as the kitchen at the Hunton YMCA. We hope to be involved in an International Grant. 
If you want to contribute and have not yet signed up for MyRotary, please do so no later than Sunday, April 2. Go to, member area. There should be a place to sign up for an account. You will need your membership number which can be found either on the Rotary magazine's mailing label or our club's website (your profile, under "Rotary" tab).
Before giving, please remember to sign into MyRotary. Otherwise, The Rotary Foundation will not know that you are a Rotarian and a member of this club. Also, after making a donation, please send Sigur Whitaker a copy of your receipt so that she can match with the points.