May 01, 2018
Club Members take the Floor
Is it the truth? How well do know your fellow Rotarians?

Do you know any secrets about members of the Rotary Club of Norfolk? Have you been reading Rotations and particularly the “Meet Rotarian _____” section? How well do you recall what your fellow Rotarians pay fines for at weekly meetings? Have you listened to conversations at your table and at socials when your club members share their life experiences? Have you got to know a Rotarian better by participating at a service activity or community project?

There are many life events, career accomplishments and interesting adventures of club members that will help you cherish the richness of our club. Some are total surprises, ones that you may be very surprised to hear. Others will increase your sense of pride in your association with our club and its members.

The May 1st 2018 session will be a fun test of your knowledge. Bring your best game face and be prepared to be surprised. We plan for you to leave with an increased appreciation for the secrets and accomplishments of members of the Rotary Club of Norfolk.