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Jacox Elementary School
1300 Marshall Ave
Norfolk, VA  23504
United States of America

THE IMPACT HOMEWORK CLUB allows Rotarians to help disadvantaged second-graders at this Title 1 school, helping them with their homework and simply interacting as caring adults.  Homework usually includes helping students read a passage, then discussing what they've read to check comprehension.  There's also a bit of basic arithmetic.  The time passes quickly, but your positive impact is lasting!  We meet with the children on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Volunteers may join EITHER the Tuesday Crew, the Thursday Crew, OR BOTH, although it's noted that the need usually is greater on Tuesdays.

The Impact Homework Club is an effort begun by Norfolk's Urban Renewal Center (not affiliated with the Urban League), and is led by Joel Phillips, a Norfolk Public Schools teacher.  The URC is a certified 501c(3) non-profit that, among other services, recruits and trains volunteers help Norfolk Public Schools students to improve their literacy and math skills.  

HOW TO VOLUNTEER: Although a Norfolk Public Schools volunteer account is required, you can pick a Tuesday or Thursday and start volunteering immediately, while your application is being processed!  Here is the link to apply for your free background screening and volunteer registration:

Parking is scarce and traffic around Jacox is heavy at the end of the school day, so plan to arrive a little earlier than 4:00 p.m.  Be patient as you approach the front double-doors to enter, as many children will be exiting through the one open door.  There's usually a teacher or other adult who will open the other door or momentarily stop the flow of children to ease your entry.  Once inside, look for the school office doors immediately on the right.  As you enter the office, look behind the doorway (in the corner) for the name tag computer.  (NOTE: even if you've completed your background check, you'll still need to sign in.)  First, use the mouse and sign in as a guest; there's a little printer to the right of the computer monitor that will generate a name tag for you.  At the main desk (in that same corner) will be a notebook; sign in your arrival time there.  Then, proceed through the office, past the main desk and out through the OTHER doors.  Cross the hall, turn left, and enter the cafeteria.  Other volunteers and a few teachers will be there.  Ask for Joel Phillips or one of the adults and let them know you're a new volunteer, and you need to be paired with a child to tutor.