District Governor 2021-2022, Deborah A. Wall, Rotary District 7600
We have a District Governor that is totally and completely committed to the Spirit of Rotary. Her talk began and ended with a reminder that the Theme and spirit of Rotary this year is “SERVE TO CHANGE LIVES” and she and her husband have exemplified that theme in their 16-year Rotary journey.
Dream big, think out of the box, outreach with youth, networking, and looking for new opportunities to fellowship and empowering girls is the backbone activities to reinvigorate Rotary in these post-COVID times. We have an opportunity to become more engaged with each other and in our community thru service and encouraging inclusive social events and activities. The 7th focus this year will be the Environment. 
We were challenged to look for a new and innovative project that can expand our engagement with the environment.
Speaking of activities, keep your eyes open for the upcoming district conferences that will be held in person this fall. Fun, service, and socks will play a major role in experiencing the Rotary spirit. You won’t want to miss out!
The bottom line of the District Governor’s talk is that the world is waking up from a slumber called COVID and we have an opportunity to reach out to Norfolk and get people engaged Serving to change Lives. Are you ready to re-engage?
Club Business:
We were led in invocation by Marty Raiss followed by Joe Massey giving the visitation report informing the club that Kris McKinnon is still in a rehab center following cranioplasty surgery. Tom Koller (Laurie Harrison’s Brother in Law) moved down from snowy Buffalo New York settling into the job with ODU and a new house in Virginia Beach. We welcomed Tom as a new Norfolk Rotary Member. The House committee needs four to six people that can come early to luncheons and set up. Our Rotarian of the day was John Padgett.
Service opportunities:
  • Aug. 26th- Young Terrace Community Food Distribution 9:00 am-12:30pm
  • Aug 28th – Salvation Army Write Stuff Distribution (Drive-Thru) 9:00am–12:00 pm supplying backpacks to clients
  • Aug. 29th-Rotary Day at Harbor Park for D7600 End Polio Now- Tides game starts at 4:05 pm, please see Rotary website to purchase tickets
Fines/Happy Bucks:
  • Past President has been traveling to upstate NY and admitting to having another birthday
  • Marty insisted on being connected by phone DURING her invocation
  • Walt is doing a fantastic job heading up the service projects. Sign up for all the opportunities listed. See you there.
  • Sally forgot to put in last week’s minutes that it has taken Bob Heely 60 years to finally get a hole in one (we are taking his word for it and money). Sally also presented a club flag from a Rotary where the President has served 3 years, Bryn Mar
  • Jeff Wells is celebrating all kinds of people’s birthdays.
School of the Week: Ruffner Academy
Adjourned: 1:30 pm