Millennials Workshop
Jun 13, 2017
Les Dossey
Millennials Workshop

Everything that's important to your organization depends on deepening your understanding of how millennials live, work and spend their money.  Why? By their sheer numbers alone, millennials are reshaping everything from communities to marketplaces to workplaces around the world.

Join us as Les Dossey leads a panel of millenials in an open forum. What you can expect to learn from these millenials:
 - Gain insights into millennials' perceptions on life — from education and politics to marriage and religion.
 - Understand what affects millennials' well-being, why it's important to them and what matters most to how they live their lives.
 - Discover where millennials are—and are not—so you can attract them to your organization.
 - Ensure that your organization can provide millennials what they want most in an organization, so you can retain them.