The Triple Crown of Horseracing
May 07, 2019
Jeff Tanner, Dean, ODU Strome College of Business
The Triple Crown of Horseracing

Dr. Jeff Tanner worked for Xerox for six years after graduating from the University of North Texas with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, then went back to school at the University of Georgia to pick up his Ph.D. From there he went to work at Baylor University in Texas, in several different capacities in his 27 years there, including associate dean for undergraduates, associate dean for faculty development and research, and professor emeritus.

He first came to Coastal Virginia in 2005 when he started working with an organization in Hampton called Lighthouse Outreach. They had a federal grant to serve at-risk adolescents in Coastal Virginia to reduce teen pregnancy. He was brought on the project because of his expertise on how an organization can use marketing to promote healthy decision-making among various populations but primarily in the teen pregnancy area. He still acts as an evaluator for the project today.

Ten years after he first arrived here, he was having dinner with a colleague from his University of Georgia days who told him that a dean’s position was opening at ODU. He was pretty settled at Baylor and thought he would continue there, but the colleague nominated him for the position, and the person responsible for the search knew Tanner from other previous opportunities and thought he’d be a good fit. He started his current position as dean in May 2015.