In early 2005, under the leadership of then President, Jim O'Brien, a strategic planning committee was formed and tasked with the purpose of identifying an attractive service project which would appeal to a broad base of members and also meet the needs within the Norfolk community.  United Way has a program titled "Raise a Reader" as part of Head Start which works with children from age 3 until they began school.  Reading is Fundamental is designed to work with children from enrollment in Pre-Kindergarten until the 3rd Grade.  

In its first year, the club worked with The Literacy Partnership in 5 elementary schools in the City of Norfolk Public Schools.  That year, Rotarians fielded all of the teams of volunteers to read and distribute books.  In its 2nd year, the program grew and volunteers were recruited from area businesses to help field reader teams within the assigned schools.  

The Rotary Club of Norfolk participated in RIF for 6 school years.  Over the years, thousands of books were given to children, many of which had never owned a book of their own before.